Australian Blog Writer - Jaclyn Amoroso

Meet your new blog writer

Is your business blog helping you grow or weighing you down? 

Writing quality content for yourself is time-consuming, calling on skill and brain space you might not have to spare. Plus, getting it right means you need to knuckle down and focus, taking the brakes off other areas of your business. Outsource that stress! 

I’m Jac, an Australian blog writer who can help you cut through the clutter online and publish strategic, click-worthy content that helps your business grow. 

Hire a content writing pro

I work with small companies and big brands (like Purebaby) to create engaging blog posts and articles, often as a ghostwriter.   

When you partner with me, you get thoroughly researched, SEO-driven content that is goal-orientated for you but doesn’t feel like marketing guff for your readers.

I’ll handle every nuanced step of the content creation process, including research, writing, interviews and proofreading.

Need help with your content strategy? Thanks to my experience, I can help with that too. 

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"The latest cruising blog post drives 30% of our website traffic and has paid for itself many times over."
Kirsty Eccles
Director, Meridian Travel

Blog Writing

Hire me to write SEO-friendly blog posts that spotlight your knowledge, attract the right audience and build your online profile.

Content Audits

Not sure where to start? Let's audit your website content and make a plan to improve your online visibility and drive more leads.

Agency Work

Better Copy Co is trusted by a bunch of savvy digital agencies and established brands, including GoDaddy. Enquiries welcome.

Featured blog writing projects

“Jac is amazing to work with and has been an invaluable support with all of our projects. She is able to quickly grasp new concepts and to translate complex ideas into far more accessible language. I have absolutely loved working with Jac.”
“Jac has helped us with copy, content and marketing for many years. Her writing is consistently great and she's wonderful to work with. The latest cruising blog post drives 30% of our website traffic and has paid for itself many times over. I highly recommend having a chat with her.”

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