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Sample copy:
My design style is inspired by your character, interests and the moments that shaped your journey – a chance encounter, love of travel, joyous birth, first kiss or record collection.

It’s my privilege to weave meaning into your day and tell your story through colour, texture, character and sentimental focal points.

Together we’ll curate a style that carries you down memory lane and brings
your guests along for the ride.


Brand story and styling packages

Philoxi Stlying needed help crafting a suite of inviting, on-brand copy for their new client introduction pack. 

  • Brand personality and tone workup 
  • Brand story and bio
  • Event styling packages
"I needed major help writing my 'about me' page and curating event styling packages for my business. Jac has produced absolute magic for me. She has been able articulate who I am, what my business offers and stands for seamlessly. She's captured everything I've wanted to express perfectly and it's so easy to understand. I am beyond excited to give this to clients!"
Vanessa Papageorgiou
Founder, Philoxi Styling

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