Savvy Fox Buerys Agent Copywriting Project

Savvy Fox Buyers Agent

Sample copy:
To buy property in a hot market, you need a competitive edge. Savvy Fox is your edge.

Save time, money and hassle by partnering with us to find your dream home or investment property quickly and within budget. 


SEO copywriting
and website refresh.

An ongoing project, this edit focused on refreshing elements of the home and about page copy for Savvy Fox. 

  • Home page 
  • About page 
“I'm not ashamed to admit (before working with Jac) that I avoided looking at my own website! When I first started my business I wrote all the copy and it represented felt good and I attracted customers. As a by-product of being busy, I outsourced the content side of my business and it went so off brand that I felt it no longer reflected me. I met Jac, and with very little direction, she totally wrangled my website copy back into something that feels like me again! It converts clients and best of all it doesn't feel icky. It's a great intro to Savvy Fox and seems to make people feel more comfortable before we jump on a call. Highly recommend this company and service."
Jacqueline Dwyer Savvy Fox
Jacqueline Dwyer
Director, Savvy Fox Buyers Agent

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