Jac Amoroso - Chief Copywriter - About Bio

Hi, I'm Jac

Chief copywriter and your new business bestie. 

I help socially conscious brands find their voice, connect with their crowd and grow sales through carefully composed copy.

Here is my story…

I was chasing something more

Copywriting wasn’t always my day job.  

I cut my teeth in travel consulting, sidestepped into travel marketing, dabbled in a small online store selling fancy wall decals and built a successful SEO agency alongside my partner Quentin.

Sounds like a girl who doesn’t know what she wants, right? Yep.

I was happy but yearning for a more meaningful way to use my skills.

An ‘aha’ moment changed my path.

Jac feeling happy

Creativity and words drive me

One day, it dawned on me.

I had crafted masterful copy for campaign launches, websites, ads and online stores for years, long before copywriting was a thing.

Getting to know people and weaving words has always stirred my soul, so why not focus on that?

Hello, career-defining realisation!

So I stepped bravely into new (but comfortable) shoes and found my calling writing words—your words. 

Jaclyn Amoroso Copywriter

Now, your purpose gives me purpose

Working with business owners who care about people and the planet is my jam. Our roles are different, but our goal is the same – we want to play a part in doing better.

We lead with heart to connect people with products and services that enrich their lives. Maybe even shift their thinking.

It’s my job (and pleasure) to untangle the thoughts swirling around in your business savvy brain and wrangle them into purposeful, conversion-driven copy. Copy that you love and your clients can’t ignore.

Words are a powerful tool but they're not enough

Punchy headlines and clever words will only get you so far. Discovery, strategy and planning are critical first steps in the copywriting process.

Hit-the-spot copy maps out your meaning, strengthens your brand messaging and tackles customer pain points.

So, let’s dig deep into the hearts and minds of your customers to create authentic connection, encourage action and get those sales flowing.

Need some SEO magic? I’ll sprinkle that in too.  

Ready for a better copy collaboration?

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Featured projects

“Jac is amazing to work with and has been an invaluable support with all of our projects. She is able to quickly grasp new concepts and to translate complex ideas into far more accessible language. I have absolutely loved working with Jac.”
“Jac took my jumbled thoughts and turned them into copy that ties everything together. Working with her is easy and very insightful. She is a great copywriter but her knowledge of marketing is also brilliant! I highly recommend working with her."
Christy Harris
Founder, CreativeCo Photography